The Reading /Literacy Specialist will be required to improve literacy levels of students within the schools for the Deaf through collaboration with teachers and school administrators through a menu of activities, interventions and through a bilingual approach to Deaf Education.

Key Responsibilities

  • Use a wide range of diagnostic tools to determine intervention needs of students

  • Design and implement customised literacy interventions in collaboration with teachers to include individualised instructions, workshops, reading competitions and camps

  • Support the development and implementation process for the JSL Curriculum

  • Improve instructional staff capacity to address gaps in literacy development through teacher workshops, in class demonstrations and technical support.

Required Skills, Qualifications and Experiences

The Reading/Literacy Specialist must be/have 

  • A trained teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in education or any other related area

  • At least 3 years of experience in teaching, reading, and working with the Deaf.

  • Certified in Jamaican Sign Language and Deaf Culture (at least up to Level 2)

  • Specialised knowledge of literacy strategies/programmes.