Supporting Development for the Deaf

The work of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD) over the past 64 years has been made possible through a number of invaluable partnerships. One such partnership is that with JAMALCO and the ALCOA Foundation.

In 1981 lands were made available at Woodside, Clarendon by JAMALCO for the establishment of a School for the Deaf. With the support of the Company and Foundation, facilities were developed, equipment procured and support identified for programmes. A vibrant Special Education programme has emerged which has influenced qualitatively the development of over 200 deaf children. The programme has achieved significant academic and vocational successes and has facilitated effective integration of many Deaf young adults as productive citizens in the community. Most outstanding in this endeavour is the sustained interest and support extended by company staff, which serves as a tremendous motivation to our teachers in their challenging undertaking.

In the 1990’s the JAD sought to re-establish a Fine Hand Binding Training and Production Unit and once again support was extended by the ALCOA Foundation for the development of this project. The outstanding craftsmanship, which has become the hallmark of the JAD Binders, is a quality that all partners can be proud of. The project offers training and employment to persons with disabilities and is expected to develop as a major income-earning source for sustaining the programmes of the JAD.

The JAD wishes to salute JAMALCO and the ALCOA Foundation as valued partners in nation building.